2016 HK Lighting Fair, Charm of UFO led high bay
author: SNOOWEL [ 2016-04-22 23:31:42 ]


Hongkong International Lighting Fair was held twice a year, now this has been one of the largest lighting fair in the world; In 2016 Spring fair, there were over 1300 suppliers from 13 countries set a booth to display their latest lighting products.

Beyond doubt, the most well received item in Spring fair was UFO led high bay lights, with different design, different cost and different efficiency. In last lighting fair(Oct. of 2015), there were only about 6 moduling in the markets, but in 2016, it was already over 40 different modulings, and a lot of new model are still in the way, maybe in next lighting fair, it will be over60 modulings.

In 2014, SNOOWEL started designing and developing UFO led high bay lights with SMD led, we realized this will be a trend in near future, since the efficiency is higher, while the cost is lower. In June 2015, our first generation UFO led high bay came to the markets.
Now UFO led high bay has been one of our hottest selling, more and more old customers started dealing with this new products.

Actual testing data of SNOOWEL 150w UFO led high bay lights:
It is 137.92lm/w